Gallery from 4chan threads

4chan gallery viewer

Gallery Maker is the perfect tool if you want to view photos or videos from the 4chan thread as a gallery. Of course there are many 4chan browsing tools and applications, but Gallery Maker works online. You do not need to install any external programs!

- Hey! But Gallery Maker can't browse 4chan!
And? What's wrong? If you want read/write 4chan go to the official site, this is the best option. If you just want to view the gallery from the thread, use Gallery Maker. Simple, right?;)

- Why do I need a thread link? Why can't I directly browse 4chan in the Gallery Maker?
This is against 4chan rules. You cannot duplicate the original functional site and use its content.
Gallery Maker adds the ability to view the media attached to the thread as a comfortable and nice look gallery.
By default, this cannot be easily done on the 4chan page. You also can't expand all images whit out browser extensions or scripts.

That's it. Gallery maker can by used as 4chan gallery viewer.

How to make gallery from 4chan?

  1. Copy the link from the selected thread,
  2. go to the Gallery Maker main page,
  3. paste the link to the form and click the "make gallery" button.

Where can I find the link to the thread?

There are several options:

  • If you browse the list of threads, you can copy the link from "reply" or "click here to view" links
  • If you're browsing threads as a catalog mode, you can copy the link direct from the tile link
  • or if you are in post view, copy the link from the URL browser bar