Privacy policy


Gallery Maker use cookie which are required for the website to function properly and safety.
Cookies are required too for some actions such as the permanent closing of the cookie information bar.
Irony, right?

Personal data

Gallery Maker *t want to collect personal data, but sometimes it is necessary.
If you want to receive an answer to your question, fill in the e-mail field in the contact form. The e-mail can be stored in the e-mail program. How long? It depends on how often do you write. A single message can be deleted after a few days. An important question or conversation can be kept for several months.
If you *t want tell us about it in a message. We will delete the entire conversation with you immediately including the email address. Your IP address can by stored too. *s necessary for log or statistic.
Gallery Maker can use scripts like Google Analytics which collect more or less data about the user. We need this to analyze the traffic on the page. If you *t want such actions, block tracking scripts. To do this, you can use a restricted extension to block the tracking available to your browser. We *t blame you for that :)


We *t take any responsibility for any damages while using the site.
Of course, we try to make the site safe. *s in our interest. However, we *t guarantee that everything will work perfectly.

Data for gallery

Gallery Maker *t store any external content.
Some requests can be cached for several minutes for better performance, but images or other media *t saved or stored on our server.